Installing a Virtual Lab Regional Hub

An Interview with Jim Cosentino, Folsom Lake College

As the demand for trained IT professionals grows, community colleges must find a way to offer training to an increasing number of students wanting to work in this field. A virtual lab system can help make this possible.

We interviewed Jim Cosentino, Administrator for the North/Far North Region’s shared NETLAB+ hub to find out what it took to install the system containing more than 1,400 virtual computers, and how colleges can prepare for their own installations.

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Available For NETLAB+ And NDG Online – NDG Forensics Labs, Developed By NDG

By Network Development Group

NDG is pleased to announce the availability of NDG Forensics labs. NDG Forensics labs provide hands-on experience conducting a variety of forensics practices. These skills can help prepare trainees for a variety of IT positions, including: Computer Forensic Analyst, Digital Forensic Examiner, Digital Forensics Incident Response and Security Administrator.

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Instructor training for the upcoming 2016 sessions are available and posted here.  We will be adding additional instructor-led courses on the following Special Topics:  NETLAB+ (remote lab system), Cyperpatriots, Linux Essentials, and Pedagogical Best Practices as needed.  

  1. For new instructors (those who have not yet passed instructor training classes to teach the CCNA curriculum) the cost will be the same as in the past.
  2. For instructors who have previously passed instructor classes to teach CCNA, but would like to attend the instructor class and experience the new content with an Instructor Trainer, we will greatly reduce the cost.
  3. Schedule and cost for the Special Topics will be posted soon. 

American River College Hosts Successful Summer CyberCamp

More than 30 Sacramento area middle and high school students participated in a three-day CyberCamp at American River College this summer. Students were given hands-on experience as they learned to secure computer systems in order to prevent cybersecurity attacks.

View the video for more details.

Red Hat Academy enabling career pathway

NDG is working with the Red Hat Academy (RHA) program to add labs for Red Hat System Administration I, II and III (courses RH124, RH134 and RH254) to our supported curriculum content options for NETLAB+.

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CyberWatch West Holds Successful Industry Event at Regis University

Representatives of cybersecurity-related businesses, government agencies, and higher education met at Regis University in Denver, Colorado, on May 25 to attend a dinner and panel discussion organized by CyberWatch West.

Facilitating the event were Dr. Dan Manson, CyberWatch West’s co-PI for student development, and Dan Likarish, director of the Regis University Center on Information Assurance Studies.

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Planned Release of NETLAB+ Virtual Edition

By Network Development Group

Network Development Group (NDG), is planning the release of a new version of NETLAB+, designed to run as a virtual appliance within the VMware vSphere environment. This new virtual edition of NETLAB+, NETLAB+ VE, marks a major change from the physical hardware version of NETLAB+ that has served hundreds of thousands of learners for the past 15 years.

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Content Update for NETLAB+, NISGTC Security+

By Network Development Group

The virtual machines for the Security+ Pod, (for the NISGTC Security+ lab library) have been updated. You will need to request new virtual machines from CSSIA to receive the modified virtual machines.

This update includes modifications to the Kali virtual machine in the Security+ Pod. OpenVAS self-signed certification has been updated to expire in 10 years. The hashcat application tool has been updated so it no longer requires to be updated in the future.

Please see the topology page for instructions on requesting virtual machine templates from CSSIA:

Palo Alto Labs - Hosted Labs Access

NDG and Palo Alto Networks Academy are pleased to announce the availability of hosted lab access to NETLAB+ supported labs for the Firewall Essentials courses in the Palo Alto Networks Academy curriculum. These courses allow learners to gain an in-depth knowledge of how to install, configure and manage their firewall, as well as configuration steps for the security, networking, threat prevention, logging and reporting features of the Palo Alto Networks Operation System (PAN-OS).

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