New Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Course Available

By CyberWatch West

CyberWatch West launched a new course designed specifically for community colleges, “Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity,” with a free webinar in January, 2017.

The course was created in collaboration with George Mason University’s Center for Infrastructure Protection and Homeland Security, leveraging its graduate-level coursework to produce a beginning course suitable for undergraduate students with a basic understanding of network and computer security. CyberWatch West sponsored and published the course, making it available to instructors for their use under a Creative Commons license.

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NDG Linux Unhatched: Learn Linux Fundamentals for Free

NDG has launched a new course that provides an introduction to the world of Linux for free.

NDG Linux Unhatched offers students a hands-on learning platform where they can experiment and get comfortable learning basic Linux skills. They can even enter commands in a live Linux environment without having to download anything; all they need is a web browser.

The course is aligned to CompTIA A+ 220-902 exams Linux objectives.

Visit the NDG website for more information.

CyberPatriot Instructional Video Series Available

If you or your high school partners have wondered what the CyberPatriot program is all about, take a look at ITProTV’s newly released instructional video series co-hosted by Steve Linthicum, Deputy Sector Navigator of the Information and Communications Technologies/Digital Media Sector in the Greater Sacramento Region.

Linthicum made the trip to the ITProTV studios last fall to shoot the videos which cover a number of modules including Introduction to Online Safety, Cyber Ethics, Virtualization, Microsoft Windows Security Tools, Intro to Linux and Ubuntu, and more. Each video segment presents the CyberPatriot program material in a way that is easy for students, teachers, and coaches to absorb.

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CSSIA Windows 10 Administration Labs – General Beta Release

NDG has announced the general beta release of the CSSIA Windows 10 Administration Labs.

The CSSIA Windows 10 Administration Lab Series is designed to assist learners in gaining fundamental skills, based on the administration and management of a Windows 10 client.

The beta release of these labs is currently available to all NETLAB+ customers. For additional details, please visit the NDG website. 2017 Instructor Training Schedule

Instructor training for the upcoming 2017 sessions are available and posted here.  We will be adding additional instructor-led courses on the following Special Topics:  NETLAB+ (remote lab system), Cyperpatriots, Linux Essentials, and Pedagogical Best Practices as needed.  

  1. For new instructors (those who have not yet passed instructor training classes to teach the CCNA curriculum) the cost will be the same as in the past.
  2. For instructors who have previously passed instructor classes to teach CCNA, but would like to attend the instructor class and experience the new content with an Instructor Trainer, we will greatly reduce the cost.
  3. Schedule and cost for the Special Topics will be posted soon. 


New Cisco CCNA Labs Available for NETLAB+

NDG has announced the following addition to its supported curriculum content options for NETLAB+.

CCNA Routing and Switching 6.0 Bridging Labs

  • CCNA Routing and Switching 6.0 Bridging Labs may be used to supplement the CCNA Routing and Switching 5.1 curriculum.
  • For details on the labs, including compatible topologies and class settings, please click here.

Supporting NETLAB+ in the Central Region

An Interview with Salvador Vargas, Dean of Career Technical Education and Workforce Development, San Joaquin Delta College

While using a virtual lab system on campus benefits students and instructors, it does require a significant initial investment. We interviewed Salvador Vargas, Dean of Career Technical Education and Workforce Development at San Joaquin Delta College to find out why he supports NETLAB+ and to get some practical advice for other administrators looking to implement a virtual lab system.

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Using Virtual Labs in the Classroom: An Instructor’s Experience

An Interview with Shawn Monsen, CCC NETLAB+ User Group Lead

It’s not uncommon for community college instructors to teach multiple subject areas, especially in IT. This can mean creating lab content, installing software, and managing classroom labs, in addition to teaching the key points students must know to succeed in class and on the job.

We interviewed Shawn Monsen, CCC NETLAB+ User Group Lead and adjunct faculty at Sierra College to find out how NETLAB+ helps him manage his workload and benefits his students. He also gives important advice for instructors new to using NETLAB+ the classroom.

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Proposal Document Available for Regional NETLAB+ Funding Requests

Colleges looking to request funding for virtual labs have access to a new resource. A completed proposal document submitted to the North/Far North Regional Consortia is available for download here.

The proposal was submitted by faculty members of the North/Far North (N/FN) Region’s NETLAB+ Hub Steering Committee on September 21 to request funding that would allow for lab expansion and maintenance over the next three years. The proposal document contains links to market data supporting the need as well as data showing specific use during the hub’s pilot period of January 15, 2016 – July 31, 2016.

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