Introduction to Virtualization Micro-Course Now Available

Do you need content to teach your students the basics of virtualization? If you do, then great news! Network Development Group (NDG) is now making available the pilot release of a new Introduction to Virtualization micro-course. This new course is a chapter of online content designed to teach learners the basics of virtualization and VMware technology. The content is four to eight hours of learning material designed to complement A+, Operating System, Networking or Cybersecurity course content (four hours for advanced or high-aptitude learners with prior knowledge, eight hours for new learners). Learners will be introduced to the basics of virtualization, including:
  • What is virtualization? What is a hypervisor, a virtual machine and why should I care?
  • What are the major components of a data center? How is a data center virtualized?
  • VMware workstation, VMware vSphere and VMware virtualization products.

Why is learning virtualization beneficial for your learners?

Knowledge of virtualization can help your learners kickstart their careers and gain valuable practical skills, such as:
  • Running multiple operating systems on one computer.
  • Backing up a computer system as a virtual machine that can easily be restored if needed.
  • Learn the components of a data center and how these components can be virtualized.
  • Understanding the technology that enables many cloud computing environments.

Why did NDG create this new course?

Virtualization can be a challenging concept to introduce; training materials typically available are often appropriate only for those with advanced-level knowledge. This course is unique in that it is designed to provide the starting point for beginning learners to build an understanding of the basic concepts of virtualization and includes the following features:

  • Easy-to-read course material, divided into sections with graphics.
  • Videos that illustrate and reinforce the course material.
  • Four (4) new workstation labs for NETLAB+ that provide hands-on experience using VMware technologies. These new labs will be distributed by NDG to NETLAB+ host sites at a future date. NDG will also host the labs as part of the course offering on a first- come, first-served basis.
To learn more about this course and the labs, visit the new virtualization page hosted by NDG: