NETLAB+ User Group Conference Call September 18, 2015

Bay Area Shared NETLAB

Installation for the Bay Area shared NETLAB project was completed over the summer, and the system went operational on August 31, 2015. Since a few schools started fall classes before that date, arrangements were made for those schools to use a system in Illinois for the first couple of weeks.

Six Professional Edition (PE) systems were deployed for specific ICT curricula and one PE system for R&D. Two more will be deployed as interest and curricula grow. 


september update

So far, 12 of the 25 participating Bay Area schools are actively using the system. These schools are currently delivering 44 different course lab pods and have 640 students using the system.

North/Far North Regional Hub
The North/Far North Regional NETLAB system will be up and running sometime in October. Faculty in the region will learn how to operate and teach a class in the NETLAB environment in November, and the system will be online for classes in the spring.

The possibility of extending the use of NETLAB to non-ITC classes, such as Quickbooks, will be investigated in the future.
Other NETLAB Projects

  • A NETLAB equipment upgrade will commence in the Central Region at San Joaquin Delta College
  • Cuyamaca College is working to develop interest locally

Microsoft MCSA 410, 411, and 412 labs

It is difficult for instructors to provide hardware and hands-on experience for students taking Microsoft courses. Here are a few ways to address this issue:

  • Bellevue College is Washington is developing labs and will share for a fee.
  • The MCSA 410 Labs are in final beta at Florida State College in Jacksonville
  • Colleges with NETLAB systems that want to offer the MSCA labs can download them from CSSIA (Moraine Valley College)
  • Colleges wishing to use these labs need a Microsoft Dreamspark account