NETLAB+ User Group Meeting, September 7, 2018

The NETLAB+ User Group had the opportunity to hear from Jason Zeller, Network Development Group (NDG), and David Hovey at Cabrillo College. Meeting minutes and recorded video (available to members only) have been posted in this article.

Topics covered included:

  • NDG Intro to Virtualization Course
  • LMS Addition  
  • Cyber Security Labs
  • Linux Courses
  • Red Hat Academy (RHA)
  • MCSA 741 & 742 Series

Be sure to log into your NETLAB+ User Group account to view the webinar.


Shawn Monsen, Welcome

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  • Jim Cosentino will be re-invited to give his presentation at that time.

Jason Zeller, Network Development Group (NDG)

Schools Hosting Own Labs and Helping Learners Get Jobs

NDG Video - Members Only


  • Short labs that can be added to any existing course. Teaches students basics of virtualization.
  • Centered and geared toward the beginner user
  • Slide deck and learner access:
  • NETLAB+ will continue to be supported however NDG online will provide service for schools that cannot afford NETLAB+. Online offerings will be limited to certain content that does not involve Windows desktop due to licensing restrictions, however other labs such as A+ are available. The online courses are only available to those that cannot afford NETLAB+ or for those only needing a small subset of labs. If teaching multiple lab sets, it is beneficial to purchase NETLAB+ so that it can potentially reduce the cost to the student if the school maintains support. Purchasing can be accomplished by:
    • Online model: Individual student can purchase online
    • School/Institution: Can purchase via purchase order with a set amount of spots per class. Codes would then be provided to hand out to students for redemption.
    • Book Store: Can purchase via purchase order and sell them to students. Student could potentially use their financial aid for purchase.
  • Prices per student/lab are available online and are provided at a lower cost than purchasing a textbook. Usually around $50 to $60 depending on the lab sets.
  • Visit and scroll through the NDG Online and NDG Online Labs for available course. 



  • Cybersecurity Gateway Labs: Cybersecurity jobs have increased so we have a high focus on providing these courses on NETLAB+. Centered toward students directly out of high school or at community college level.  Currently working with Palo Alto Networks and developed a beginner course on NETLAB+ as an NDG hosted service.  11 labs are available.  Direct access to firewall that has been virtualized so that there is no cost to adding a Palo Alto lab set to your NETLAB+.
  • Cybersecurity Essentials:  Currently 12 labs available.  Available now for NETLAB+ hosted site and as an NDG hosted service.
  • Advanced Labs/Palo Alto Networks VER 8 (210): Currently 12 labs available for NETLAB+ hosted site and as an NDG hosted service.  This course is broken out into two separate courses:  Academic and Commercial.
  • CCNA Cyber Ops Labs:  Consists of NDG Linux courses.  Linux skills are “core” for cybersecurity.  There are 36 labs available and hosted for schools with NETLAB+.
  • Security Plus Labs:  Updating and creating new labs and plan to have a total of 26 available.  10 new labs and 16 previously updated labs.
  • A+ Labs for NETLAB+:  19 new labs will be released next week and will align to the new certification requirements.
  • Linux Courses:  Starting with Linux Essentials, these are currently being updated and used to help learners to earn certificates.
  • Red Hat Academy (RHA):  Available at (  New content may be added and lab sets may be extended in the future.

David Hovey, Cabrillo College, BACCC 

Newly Developed MCSA 2016 Lab Set Open for Beta Testing

BACCC Video - Members Only

MCSA 741 & 742 Series

  • Created at the request of an instructor and are in early development.
  • This series has been deployed based off the green Microsoft exam ref books for the 77 series exams.
  • Created in half-semester segments. Each with 6 to 8 labs and can be expanded as needed.
  • Cannot be shared through NETLAB+ systems due to the Windows licensing.  The labs can be shared however the images will not display.  Instructions to create the images may be developed and worked on as time permits. 
  • Currently open to all to view and provide feedback. The Pod design was based on one Pod Topology (two servers and two Windows 10 BM).  Most of the systems have worked thus far.  Any content that does not fit inside this topology can be looked at but will take some time to configure.