NETLAB+ User Group Meeting, May 17, 2019

The NETLAB+ User Group had the opportunity to hear from Jason Zeller, Network Development Group (NDG), Irvin Lemus and David Hovey from Cabrillo College. Meeting minutes and recorded video (available to members only) have been posted in this article.

Topics covered included:

  • NDG NETLAB+ Updates
  • Bay Area Competitions with NETLAB+ & Summer Camp 2019

Be sure to log into your NETLAB+ User Group account to view the webinar. The complete webinar can also be accessed on the ICT-DM Sector Website.


Jason Zeller, Network Development Group (NDG)


Jason Zeller Video

  • Linux Unhatched has been updated to help students prep for the the CCNA Cyber Ops; free course available through Cisco Networking Academy
  • Linux Essentials has been released; mapped to the new certification; Linux 1 to be released soon
  • NDG Capture the Flag Scenarios – about to release 3 of these on the NETLAB+ VE platform based on Ethical Hacking, Security+ and Forensics
  • Worked with Irvin Lemus on Skills USA 2019 NDG Cybersecurity Capture the Flag Scenario – to be released soon
  • Learn more about CTF June 10-14 WASTC Faculty Development Weeks at Cabrillo College
  • Fresh Content including VMware Vsphere, CySA+ Lab Series, A+ Lab Refresh, Palo Alto Networks, vSphere
  • Shawn Monsen recommends instructors look at NDG Linux Unhatched free course to give students basic foundation of how to get around in Linux before covering those concepts in Security+ class
  • Stay up to date on the latest at NDG on their website:

Irvin Lemus, Cabrillo College, BACCC

Bay Area Competitions with NETLAB+ & Summer Camp 2019

Irvin Lemus Video

Curriculum Updates

  • Bay Are Cyber Competitions:
  • BACCC gives NETLAB+ accounts and course materials to high schools & middle schools so students can practice and prepare for competitions
    • Images available via NETLAB+
  • BACCC also creates own competitions: Bay Area Regionals 2019
    • Capture the Flag hosted entirely on NETLAB+
  • Bay Area Summer Camp
    • Significant growth, from 2 camps to 40 camps since 2016
    • Goals of camp include introducing students to IT & Cybersecurity, raising enrollment for regional programs, raise community awareness and prepare students for workforce
    • Day 1-5 objectives for Intro and Advanced Camps

David Hovey, Cabrillo College, BACCC

Security Tips for NETLAB+ Cyber Camps/Competition Implementation

  • Don’t give Internet access easily; it’s good to try to come up with internal solution to protect college as much as possible
  • Become familiar with automation; PowerCLI is recommended and has a complete API implementation; with open sourcing of Power Shell it’s available on all systems
  • Admins can use VMware to allow Internet access within NETLAB+
  • Important to have written documentation
  • Monitor everything going in and out of the network especially if it’s coming out of the pods – know which pod and what time in order to track to single user
  • Using virtualized firewall (2 firewalls set up – physical ASA and then through to Palo Alto firewall)
  • Email David Hovey at with questions or for help