NETLAB+ User Group Conference Call April 8, 2015

Bay Area Shared NETLAB

Nearly $1 million has been approved for the Bay Area shared NETLAB project, which will be hosted by Cabrillo College. Installation is set to take place in July and 25 of 28 Bay Area colleges plan to participate in this project. One requirement of its use is that each partner must offer at least one course that will use NETLAB.

During the year a top priority will be to create a sustainable model. Together the collaborative will be looking for ways to sustain NETLAB funding through additional grants, Perkins funding, and collecting access changes (through a lab manual fee) from students taking the classes and doing the labs.


IT Model Curriculum Approved

The IT model curriculum was approved on March 31, 2015 with 7 of the 12 courses able to be supported by NETLAB. The goal is to build adoption at the community college level and to eventually create a “Transfer” Model Curriculum (TMC) for students matriculating to the CSUs.

There is already one CSU that is considering taking transfer students who have completed the model curriculum. CSU San Bernardino will accept students for transfer who complete the model curriculum core with these electives:

  • ITIS 160 – Introduction to Information Systems Security
  • ITIS 164 – Introduction to Cybersecurity: Ethical Hacking
  • ITIS 165 – Digital Forensics Fundamentals

A special workshop will be held on June 4-5 in Sacramento for community college faculty and administrators who want to learn more about aligning to the new IT Model Curriculum. Registration information will be available soon. Click here for a draft announcement.

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  • IT Model Curriculum Background
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West Coast Academy Conference

June 15-19, 2015 - Cost: $99 for all 5 days
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Preconference Highlights

June 15, 16, 17

  • Seven NETLAB-related workshops
  • Instructor Certification Sessions
  • MPICT Faculty Development Week

June 22-26, 2015

City College of San Francisco, Mission Campus
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Conference Highlights

  • Four NETLAB-related workshops
  • Stipend available, depending upon distance traveled
  • Summer Working Connections

July 13-17, 2015

Collin College, Frisco, TX
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NETLAB+ User Community Online Workshop

June 25 at 8:30 a.m. CST – June 26 at 4:30 p.m. CST

August 6 at 8:30 a.m. CST – August 7 at 4:30 p.m. CST

$99 per student – Bay Area and North Regions can provide a stipend

Interested parties can find more information here: