Minutes of the FEB 11, 2015 NetLabs+ User Group Call

Upcoming Events

WASTC Cisco West Coast Academy Conference
June 15-17 NETLAB Related Professional Development
June 18-19 Academy Conference

MPICT Faculty Development Week
June 22-26 Northern CA

Status of Current Projects

Diablo Valley College will be using a professional development stipend to send three instructors to attend the WASTC Cisco West Coast Academy Conference in June. The instructors will participate in NETLAB training and Cisco instructor training during the conference. Visit www.wastc.org for more information. Orange County and West Los Angeles College have funds for professional development and to purchase equipment. Hartnell College will use funds to purchase equipment to upgrade their NETLAB. Plans are also in place for Hartnell to join the bay area regional project and to relocate their NETLAB to the shared facility. Las Positas/Chabot CCD is developing Wireshark labs and a presentation will be made at WASTC in June. The presentation will include examples of the most sought after workplace skills.

Faculty at Merritt College have been invited to join a future User Group call to talk about their strong security program. As part of their unique program, each instructor has a partnership with a security industry professional who helps develop curriculum, identify labs, and works with students in the classroom. Merritt also provides professional development for both instructors and security professionals which further strengthens this working advisory group.

CTE Enhancement Fund (40%) Regional Projects

With everything in place, the North/Far North Region is now awaiting funding of their NETLAB proposal.
Once up and running, the region will look to establish a sharing arrangement with area high schools during times of the day when NETLAB usage is low. The region's budget will also provide funding for up to 15 high school teachers to attend the WASTC Cisco West Coast Academy Conference as a means of strengthening the connection between high school and community college programs.

Five faculty members in the Greater Sacramento region are preparing to apply for the CAE2Y (Center of Academic Excellence 2-Year) designation this summer. This award provides many significant benefits, including recognition by industry and professional associations, monetary support, and job placement and/or transfer opportunities for students. Should their application be successful, the region will provide a best practices guide for the application process.

The NETLAB proposal process is underway in the Bay Area Region. Cabrillo College has been identified as the host college, with more than 20 regional colleges interested in participating. Equipment at colleges with existing NETLAB setups will be relocated to Cabrillo and managed by a dedicated professional technician to be funded under the regional grant.

The establishment of regional NETLAB projects brings the challenge of long-term sustainability. There are many funding sources to consider and operational structures to analyze. Discussions will continue among members of the User Group as both regional projects continue to move forward.

Microsoft Labs on NETLAB

Because of the high cost and many changes to the Microsoft IT Academy, including no longer making their eLearning virtual labs available, colleges have turned to NETLAB as a good alternative. Schools with a DreamSpark membership can provide access for students to download Microsoft operating systems and development tools for use on NETLAB, at a much lower cost. Through NETLAB instructors can create their own pods and labs that match those required for Microsoft certification.

In a future meeting, the User Group will hear from two instructors who have already created the labs and pods that support the MOAC (Microsoft Official Academic Course). The instructors from Bellevue, WA and North Carolina have agreed to make these available to the User Group as another tool to use to train students.