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North / Far NorthRegion NetLabs+ Pilot Program _ Folsom Lake College

Seeking the purchase of a 16 Pod NetLabs+ Academic Edition System, including necessary hardware and software (Cost Quotation $49.949.38 from SIGMAnet). Primary purpose of this system is to develop a "pilot" environment where the system can be utilized to provide faculty from the seventeen (17) colleges in the region with professional development on both how to configure and utilize NetLabs+ in their own classrooms, and provide professional development to faculty on a variety of cou rses that are available for use in a NetLabs+ environment that have been developed by entities like CSSIA and CTC, in partnership with the Net Development Group. System will also be utilized by the Region's faculty and content development experts to (1) update existing course content, and (2) create new course content, that can be housed in a NetLabs+ virtual environment.

pdfFolsom Lake College Proposal