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This page contains examples of successful grant applications that have been used in the past to implement NETLAB+ at California Community Colleges.

LACCD Regional/District NetLAB Hub

West LA College wishes to establish a regional NetLAB hub to support three sister campuses of the Los Angeles Community College District. As one of the earliest adopters of NetLAB, West is uniquely qualified to lead this initiative. Successful funding and implementation will allow other sister campuses to offer and support non-existing IT vocational training programs by leveraging West existing NetLAB infrastructure. This initiative will clearly lead to better effective access to IT training resources, enhanced certification preparation, and better support for the district's online student population. West has already made a significant investment in NetLAB, but only needs modest additional funding to expand in order to support targeted campuses. Our proposed project has a high probability of success. West and its administration has already committed to a NetLAB Data Center currently hosting 17 servers with dedicated power (including UPS), cooling, and backup storage.

pdfWLAC CCC Netlab Proposal

OC NetLab Consortium

The OC NetLab Consortium, Coastline, Cypress, and Irvine Valley, represents three levels of CyberSecurity/Networking curriculum and advanced NetLab technology within Orange County. ?The Consortium would like to pilot the sharing of resources, expertise, training, and support between the three colleges in an effort to develop a model that could be expanded to include other colleges and high schools in the county. ? Finally, Coastline will host staff development opportunities for faculty and ?techni cians fro m the OC NetLab Consortium to learn to incorporate existing CSSIA curriculum into their classes and teach technical staff to setup and maintain their own NetLab Pods.

pdfOrange County Netlab Proposal

Ohlone College_s Computers, Networks, and Emerging Technology (CNET) NETLAB+ Optimization and Support Project

Ohlone College's Computers, Networks, and Emerging Technology (CNET) department and the Western Academy Support and Training Center (WASTC) are combining efforts to optimize our existing NETLAB+ implementation, to establish professional technical support and lab management of the system, and to expand NETLAB+ access to CNET students, the ICT instructors that the WASTC supports throughout the region, and to partner institutions that we currently share our NETLAB with.

pdfOhlone Netlab Proposal

Merritt College CIS Security Program

In collaboration with the Consortium of Information Systems Executives (CISE) partners, Merritt College will offer Infrastructure and Applications Security Programs_AS degree and certificates of achievement. These programs are design to provide best practices and competencies for students to design, install and implement services and applications; manage, and optimize security infrastructure to ensure compliance with security controls; help prevent, detect, investigate and respond to operational security threats and attacks; facilitate security vulnerability assessments, penetration tests an d risk a ssessments; investigate security events and incidents, including forensic analysis; represent security interests on project teams by ensuring security standards and requirements; conduct security research, analysis and review of infrastructure designs to ensure compliance with company security policies; evaluate new products and technologies to protect against existing and emerging security threats; and develop and implement information security policies and procedures.

pdfMerritt NetLab Proposal

Wireshark Multipurpose Labs

The Wireshark Multipurpose Lab Project will create 24 or 16 complete Netlab scenarios, each including an intro/demo video and SCORM assessment module. The set, as a whole, constitutes a complete TCP/IP analysis class. Each individual module is selected to also represent a key learning outcome from multiple certification training objectives for classes including CCNA Routing, CCNA Security, CEH, A+, Net+, Sec+, Linux+, LPI, VMware, EMC, Digital Forensics, as well as other business and ad ministrat ion classes. Each is a standalone plug and play module easily added to any class needing practice with computer and network protocols.

pdfLas Positas and Chabot Netlab Proposal

SiGNAL - Student Gains with NDG Available Labs

NDG resources would increase the value and role of labs in several course areas: security, OS, and virtualization. We are interested in applying for a grant in conjunction with Gavilan and Merced Colleges which would:

  1. Update servers and software for NDG installation (scale infrastructure);
  2. Expand capacity to enable access to hosted labs for 2 additional colleges;
  3. Assess value of labs to participating students from added colleges; and
  4. Ev aluate/r efactor further infrastructure to maintain support.

pdfHartnell College Netlab Proposal

North / Far NorthRegion NetLabs+ Pilot Program _ Folsom Lake College

Seeking the purchase of a 16 Pod NetLabs+ Academic Edition System, including necessary hardware and software (Cost Quotation $49.949.38 from SIGMAnet). Primary purpose of this system is to develop a "pilot" environment where the system can be utilized to provide faculty from the seventeen (17) colleges in the region with professional development on both how to configure and utilize NetLabs+ in their own classrooms, and provide professional development to faculty on a variety of cou rses that are available for use in a NetLabs+ environment that have been developed by entities like CSSIA and CTC, in partnership with the Net Development Group. System will also be utilized by the Region's faculty and content development experts to (1) update existing course content, and (2) create new course content, that can be housed in a NetLabs+ virtual environment.

pdfFolsom Lake College Proposal

Diablo Valley College and CCCCD NetLAB Professional Development

Diablo Valley College (DVC), one of three colleges in the Contra Costa CCD, is using their CTE Enhancement funds to purchase a NETLAB+ system and hosting infrastructure to support their delivery of ICT Model Curriculum classes and complimentary electives. DVC's CNT, COMTEC and CIS faculty, interested faculty members at Contra Costa College and Los Medanos College, and partnering K-12 instructors, will need to attend training both on the NetLAB supported ICT Essentials, Netwo rking, a nd Security classes and on learning how to use NETLAB to deliver the ICT courses to their students.

pdfDVC Netlab Proposal

CTE EF 40% Regional Allocation – Template

This combination of software and hardware will enable faculty and students, from any Internet accessible location, without the need for high bandwidth, to utilize a virtual lab environment designed to provide "hands-on" experience with a variety of computer operating systems and applications software. A large number of ICT related labs have been developed by NSF funded technology centers, enabling colleges in the region to offer both entry level classes and incumbent worker training in ICT related areas that range from introductory computer classes to cutting edge courses that focus on information security, virtualization, big data, and network configuration and design (see list of .labs at: )

A key feature of this lab environment is the ability to control access to individual lab environments (pods) through its reservation system. For on-ground classes, faculty will be able to reserve a sufficient number of pods for their students during class time. Since the lab environment is available on a 7/24 basis, students will be able to register for pod access on a first come, first serve basis, and gain hands-on experience outside of the classroom. The lab environment is also well suited for instruction of online classes. Faculty are provided with key statistical information that includes "time on task." Additionally faculty can "enter" a student's pod remotely and provide real time assistance to the student.

Steve Linthicum is a Deputy Sector Navigator In the Information and Communications Technologies / Digital Media sector. He can be conteacted at

docx40% Proposal - NetLabs - Los Rios Document