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Laccd Regional/district Netlab Hub

West LA College wishes to establish a regional NetLAB hub to support three sister campuses of the Los Angeles Community College District. As one of the earliest adopters of NetLAB, West is uniquely qualified to lead this initiative. Successful funding and implementation will allow other sister campuses to offer and support non-existing IT vocational training programs by leveraging West existing NetLAB infrastructure. This initiative will clearly lead to better effective access to IT training resources, enhanced certification preparation, and better support for the district’s online student population. West has already made a significant investment in NetLAB, but only needs modest additional funding to expand in order to support targeted campuses. Our proposed project has a high probability of success. West and its administration has already committed to a NetLAB Data Center currently hosting 17 servers with dedicated power (including UPS), cooling, and backup storage.

pdfWLAC CCC Netlab Proposal