How to set up bulk student user accounts in NETLAB+ VE

  • Much time can be saved by creating all of your NETLAB+ student user accounts in bulk, instead of adding each user account individually. Below are instructions on how to import bulk user accounts into your NETLAB+ VE courses.

    1. Convert your class roster into a comma limited .txt or .csv file

    Most colleges provide an online/digital copy of your roster, and many provide the roster in Excel format. Whether you copy/paste the student data, enter the data manually, or are provided with an Excel file, the data must be in the following format:


    NLUG Bulk 1

    *Note: At a minimum, you must include the following fields:

    • Username: You may use whatever format you like here. I happen to use last name + first initial of first name. In order to make this easier, I set up a formula to create my Username, which you can see in the formula bar.
    • Family/Last Name: Self explanatory
    • Given/First Name: Self explanatory

    Optional: Password - You can set the password here if you wish. If you don’t include this field in the file, you can set the initial default password for all the user accounts you’re importing on the “Import Accounts” screen. (See Step 6) The user will be required change the password during their first login.

    Once the file is in the above format, you must save it as a .txt or .csv file.

    2. From the Home screen, go to the Manage drop-down, and select Manage User Accounts


    NLUG Bulk 2


    3. From the Accounts screen, select Import Accounts


    NLUG Bulk 3


    4. From the Import Accounts screen, select the browse button. Browse to your file location, select the (.txt or .csv) file you created in Step 1, then select the Submit button.


    NLUG Bulk 4


    5. Examine the file data, and confirm that all the data fields are correct, then select the Submit button


    NLUG Bulk 5


    6. Back at the Import Accounts screen again, select the class or classes into which you want to import the student records. You may also set the Default Initial Password here if it wasn’t included as a field. Once completed, select the Submit button.


    NLUG Bulk 6


    7. Confirmation Screen


    NLUG Bulk 7


      8. Confirm accounts successfully imported into your class.


    • Home > Manage > Manage Classes


    NLUG Bulk 8a


    • Click on your class


    NLUG Bulk 8


    • Click on the Rosters tab to verify the students have been added to that class.


    NLUG Bulk 9

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