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Below is my single_host_offline function, this should be useful for any net lab admin who has more than one ESXi host behind their NETLAB+ systems and requires to take down a single host for maintenance without interrupting student usage. As always if there is an aspect that I am over looking or if something could be achieved in this function through better means please provide feedback.

An assumption made is that tapi is your client() variable name, if this is not true change the code accordingly

#single_host_offline is a function designed to take all pods offline that utilize the specified host
#the core idea being that if you are taking a host down for maintenace this function will take all
#pods utilizing that host offline
#single_host_offline requires one keyed argument "offline_host" which is a string representing
#desired hosts ip address
def single_host_offline(*,offline_host):
    #import the PCType for use later in a sanity check
    from netlab.enum import PCType
    #for loop to run through all pods on the system
    for pod in tapi.pod_list():
        #assign the pc value to the first pc in the pod
        #this will be used to verify that the pod exists on the server
        pc = tapi.pod_pc_get(pod_id=pod['pod_id'],pl_index=1)
        #check to see that the vm exists and it exists on the specified host
        if pc['pc_type'] !=PCType.ABSENT and offline_host =pc['vh_name']:
            #take pod offline and provide console feedback on activity
            print(pc['taking pod '+ str(pod['pod_id']+' offline')])


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