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NETLAB User Group meeting November 5, 2021, 10 AM (PST).

Agenda: Welcome User Group Members NDG Update: NETLAB+ LMS to LTI integration New Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity Academy 210 v10.0 labs (for January) Ethical Hacking labs (addition to existing open-source labs) Forensics labs Reminder:  Linux courses (popular) and Cloud and Virtualization update (Intro to Concepts) Fastest-growing category:  Custom Pods and Labs (Dave's GPU pod and Bill's IoT labs are great examples!) Bill Saichek's IoT labs, delivered through NETLAB, that he uses in his Intro to IoT classes. David Hovey, (BACCC NETLAB System Admin) and Ahmad Allulu (BACCC NETLAB Technician) will talk about on how they have successfully launched virtual machines through NETLAB on their host servers using dedicated graphics cards (GPUs) to provide the performance for graphic intensive applications like AutoCAD and the Adobe Creative Suite. Click here to hear recording

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