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Bay Area Share Ict Labs Proposal Documents

This proposal is a request to fund the startup of a centralized, state of the art ICT lab facility to remotely serve programs, faculty and students at multiple colleges in the San Francisco Bay Area, forming the Bay Area Community College Consortium (BACCC)

net/spreadsheets/d/18jlnkx8q3ocmu2noygjgyt3zd4njkzlmyb3vwf-675m/edit#gid=283528991Bay Area Shared ICT Labs Proposals spreadsheet
gjdgxsBACCC ICT Regional Lab Proposal – DRAFT 1-23-15
net/document/d/1pwbphg5fm-2jwrkaowkk2d2fco9dyjmximnmablstgu/editNetlab Progress.docx
net/spreadsheets/d/1_cx6g6kttyxsmlezpdto2-j2651s3psyoptpuphpei0/edit#gid=1708217276Executive Summary
net/document/d/1barzyfmhzwoann1ct7ttwyqjgd7t5i9b-an8qu28kgw/editBACCC Regional Shared ICT Lab 40 Percent CEF Letter of Intent DRAFT